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Re: 2017 Invitational this weekend

CF Invitational.. so much worm so little time... ugh.. have never done this thing but it must be very fun.

So basically they split Europe in to North and South. Good move
They added one South America spot again.. have not seen any one from that region make a move. Teams yes but individual no.
They basically made it hard for Cali, North Cali, Pacific North West, HI, other states and oh yes Western Canada... they went from 10 spots down to 5 spots.. don't think that was the best decision but I guess that they ran the numbers.
Team - now 4 members not 6. I do like this one. Many gyms have 4 good people and not 6. Will be more competitive for sure. I support this.

Wonder what else is coming down the line for change.

When do they announce Open, Regional, MQ and games Dates?
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