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Re: The Definitive Muscle-Up Tutorial

I would argue that, as a best practice, athletes should be encouraged to develop strict ring muscle ups before they do kipping ring muscle ups.

Can some athletes safely develop kipping ring muscle ups without being able to do them strict first? Yes.

However: Is developing a strict ring muscle up first, as a general practice, a way to get better results for athletes in the long run and also help prevent injuries that may occur in some athletes who develop the kip without the strength to catch the deep ring dip on a consistent basis (and when fatigued) without injuring their shoulders? I would argue yes, strict ring muscle ups should generally come first for safety and for better skill development in the long term.

I know lots of people may have differing viewpoints, and there may never be consensus, but in general I tend to think the CF gymnastics community believes in developing strict strength first then moving to kipping. It is a safer way to progress and it is a way to progress which builds a more solid foundation and better skill in the long run.

There are many athletes out there who can kip ring muscle ups, with a big gymnastics swing sans false grip, who are nowhere close to getting a strict muscle up because they haven't developed the false grip. To me, that is backwards. The most efficient kipping ring muscle ups appear to be done by those who also first develop the false grip and can more efficiently kip them and safely catch the deep ring dip because they are using at least a partial false grip even when kipping.
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