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Re: Rx Pistols will always be impossible =(

I'm in the same boat, except I'm committed to fixing it.

It is defiantly a mobility/flexibility issue. My back squat is good, squat therapy against the wall is decent, my air squats are decent when warmed up.

I have done all the basic ankle mobility from Kstar and company.

I have a history as a runner, tore a calf muscle severely and sprained an ankle severely several years ago. I'm also 48 years old and spend too much time at a desk.

Currently I bought a good calf stretching board like you see in PT offices. Set me back $100 but it is so easy to set my timer to 2 minutes and stand on it I'm good about doing it ever day.

I will update as I continue to work my way through this issue.

It is very frustrating to take zero reps in a competition because of a mobility issue.

I have 2 years until I turn 50 and am youngest in my age group again for the Open in 2018. 1 year to fix this stuff, 1 year to train hard.

Let's do it.
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