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Re: The Definitive Muscle-Up Tutorial

Muscle Up with Mango was pretty great! Better than 2 in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
4) Transfer skill of hip drive to shoulder shoot-through.
Band assistance? (wfs)
on rings (wfs)
on a bar (wfs, a little chatty, but good info)
Fine tuning this tutorial a little:
The kip and the shoot-through are going to de-emphasize strength and emphasize momentum, efficiency, and more reps. The lower your strength, the greater your momentum will have to be to complete the movement. Momentum in the shoot-through puts the shoulders - specifically the rotator cuff - at risk. You have to stop that momentum to stay in the dip, and that can create some significant tension in the shoulders.

In favor of increasing strength and decreasing momentum in the transition, our favorite Canadian Frenchy presents the Russian dip: (wfs)
Chris wfs
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