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Talking Re: Tim's Life Changing Workout Log

Quick correction: I said yesterday that the deadlifts hurt my quads....I lied. They killed my hamstrings! I always switch those two around!

This morning I took a friend with me to the gym, he is a really fit guy (5'7 and probably around 195 lbs. or so and really solid). I wanted to see how well he would do and he's always up for a challenge.

Warm up
3 rounds

25 KB swings (35 lbs.)
200 meter run
10/10 KB around the world (I think that was the name, touch your opposite foot while holding KB overhead with other hand.)

5 rounds

50 DU's (or 150 single swings)
25 Wall balls (25 lbs.)

Strength (extra)

Press - 8 reps @ 45 lbs.
Press - 5 reps @ 95 lbs.
Press - 5 reps @ 95 lbs.
Press - 5 reps @ 95 lbs.

Today about killed me! It is hot and humid here in Ohio, made me breathe a little extra this morning. I only completed 4 rounds of the 5 for the WOD. I expended a lot of energy trying to learn how to do a DU, this was my first time attempting and it was tough stuff! I switched the wall balls to a 16 lb. ball for the 3rd and 4th set. Whew! After my buddy destroyed the workout he did squats so I decided to do some presses until I had to leave for work. Debating whether or not to go tomorrow. If I go tomorrow it'll be 4 days in a row and my body will feel it for sure, but if I miss Friday then Saturday is the Buckeye's home opener (my gym is just a few miles from there) so that'll be hectic plus I have to work both days. We will see!
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