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Re: Too much $$$

I know this will not have anything to do with the "Why is it too much", but maybe it will help, maybe not? I have been saving for almost a year just to take one years worth of CF. Once I pay for the first year I will begin to save for the next and maybe someday my CF Level 1 Cert. After taking an element class to learn the movements I have been trying to do things at home and at the local gym, but I know I will not get to my over all goal without some help. I have cut back to basic cable, cut down to basic cell phone, and I changed my diet so that cuts down on the junk I was buying. I also dont go to the movies or out to eat like before. In fact I have not bought any new house hold items since March 2010 because my health is #1 on my list of things to get. Its more important then any item money can buy. I also have a family,full time job,rent, and other bills. We just looked at our lives and asked what would we rather have? Your story maybe different then mine, but where there is a will there is a way. Good luck and have fun training for life.

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