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Re: Too much $$$

I agree with what Brendan had to say in his post.I also wanted to add that what originally drew me to crossfit was that it seemed like a workout geared towards the "everyman" and "everywoman".The results seemed achievable for me and not so out of my reach as bodybuilding had been for so long unless of course you were willing to put your body and health at risk(steroids,hgh,speed,etc.).It seemed like a very helthy way to train(cardio,strength,skill,etc.).These guys and gals were like me and wanted to train in a fashion like I like to train.They were regular people making themselves better with every workout using the very basic of equipment or no equipment at all.My point is I like the formula as I think it originally started as kinda like the garage training thing.Now with the prices etc. in these economic times this seems to be changing.I hope this doesnt put this type of training out of reach for alot of people.That would be a shame.Maybe there could be "non profits" set up as sattelites to the more high end gyms.Even at most yoga studios they have community classes in which the prices are kept affordable for regular folks and are still given the community feel of doing this activity with other exponents of the practice.Just my 2 cents.
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