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Re: Too much $$$

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
Let's be clear. There are great, good, average, mediocre and bad CrossFit Affiliate Gyms. At this point in time price is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the affiliate. I expect over time price will start to be more of a reflection of the quality (also location) of the affiliate gyms.

This is separate from the success of an affiliate gym. Success has to do with cost structure and having a product enough members want.

There are a lot of personal trainers and globo gym employees jumping on the band wagon. Some drink the cool aid and become good CrossFit trainers, others bring the sleazy sales practices from their old work environment and are just trying to make a sale.

As in all purchases buyers be ware. Anyone can open an affiliate gym with about $7,500 and a space.

great post!
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