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Re: Rogue Dog Sled

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
Sleds make noise but not more than any local lawn mower crew cleaning up someones yard. It's a low level scrap/dragging sound. I have a long asphault driveway and have done most of prowler and sled dragging work there. I've also done it in my lawn. The lawn is quiet, but gets beat up by the prowler and a little bit by the sled. I like the consistency of asphault better than the bumps of the lawn, but you can drive better with your feet on the lawn if you use cleats (more beating up of the lawn). I guess for lawn care, I'm almost 100% asphault now.

No real damage done to my drive, you can't even see if its been sledded, prowled on. I imagine it probably decreases the time between reseals and repairs, but I think it is worth it.

None of my neighbors have complained about my sled or prowler use, and I've done it as late at 11PM.

Actually, my neighbor asked me if I injured my back and if that is why I was pulling my sled. Just told her I was crazy.

It's fun watching people stare as they drive by.

If you are handy and can make stuff, you might want to make a tire sled or get an empty wheel barrow case and drag it, and once you have money get a prowler thing. If you aren't handy and need to buy your gear (like lazy me), I'd start out with a sled and eventually get the prowler. Prowler is best for conditioning work. Sled is OK for conditioning in a metcon sense and good for rehab work, longer type of conditioing and some strenght work.
Okay, fantastic to know. I actually have an old wheelbarrow thats broken (at the wheel part), and I was intending to turn it into a sled. What should I use for straps? Maybe I'd get a strap from rogue, its $25, but I'd rather that than a cargo strap because of the clamp constantly banging against the sled or getting in my way and whatnot. Although I'm sure there are options I'm not thinking of.

Also, what should I make the hole with for the strap?
I guess I'll weld a piece of 2 inch pipe to the base of the barrow.
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