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Re: 2 Month Bike Trip

Originally Posted by Erin Arno View Post
Most of my trip will be store to store, thank goodness. I won't be carrying too much with me throughout the day except for snack foods. I did lots of digging through old posts and have tried Lara Bars out. Very tasty. Tried a sesame thing bar, not so tasty. Also, I've got some squeeze packets of almond and hazelnut butter that I'm trying out on my training rides. I'm just planning on eating as much clean food as I can.

I got into town last weekend and sat down at B&N and read The Paleo Diet for athletes. I still want to stay as paleo as possible throughout the trip. I feel gross and bloated when I eat sugars and grains (I get this red blotch down my neck the same as when I'm drinking), and I get sick when I eat dairy now.

I've been thinking of the analogy of a really high quality car. At home, you take care of it, put the best grade gas in it, keep it running smooth. When you take it on a long road trip, you don't suddenly put the crappiest sludge you can find, or diesel for that matter. You're putting it through more work for longer durations, you still want high quality gas, especially since you're going to be burning through so much of it.

That being said, I'll still eat a Key Lime pie in Florida, even if I have to take a rest day afterwards to deal with it.

Thanks everyone.
What is it that causes you to have a bad reaction to grains? Is it the grains themselves, or do you get the reaction to gluten? Because if it is just the gluten, then you could try to aim for just getting as much gluten-free but non-paleo types of food as possible. I don't know how available these are in the kinds of grocery stores you'll have access to, but it might let you bridge the gap a little bit. I'm thinking of things like gluten-free bread, corn tortillas, rice, beans...
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