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2 Month Bike Trip

Hey folks,

I got serious about paleo in September and have lost 45 pounds since. I've always wanted to do a long distance bike trip I'm gearing up for a 2 month trip down the east coast. I feel like I can finally do it without dying.

I am going to be camping so I'll have my little stove with me. I'll be doing between 60-80 miles a day. I'm thinking about the food I'll be grabbing from the grocery stores along the way.

I would like some suggestions for breakfast/lunch/dinner and especially some snack options to keep things fueled. I've been eating paleo quite a while now, so I guess I'm looking for some tips on campy- traveling food. And I was trying to imagine what it would look like if I ate sweet potatoes everyday for two months. Would that turn my skin orange?

I would also love to hear any advice if anyone has done something similar (long distance riding/biking/etc for extended time), while staying paleo. Of course there will be some regional splurges (chowders, butter up to my ears on crabs, a whole key lime pie when I hit Florida), but for the majority of my trip, I want to stay clean.

Thanks all!
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