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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
Thanks Jay, I forgot we can use bastard

Its well worth it, now every compare to date I have a look around that time and always get surprised by things I completely forget about.

Waiting for them to PM me that I am taking too much space up on the database.

How you feeling now, ready to come back into the training?
I'm not busted up anymore....I squatted yesterday and hit some decent weight but it felt heavy....then did a Ring HSPU/C2B pullup wod I put together but I'm taking today off now. I'm finally recovered from the competition but I'm a bit sick now and I just want to get rid of it rather than wearing myself out. Lacey is just coming around now, but was really sick for about 4 days and I don't want to get what she had.
Was supposed to do that online competition for Crossfit Subzero to support the dog shelter but there is now way right now...he sent me the WOD's and it looks pretty good too!
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