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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Muscluar imbalances do not exist most of the time? What about the countless studies and information provided by Liebenson, McGill, Lewit and Janda on that exact topic? Do upper and lower cross syndromes not exist? Do weak lower trapezius and rhomboid muslces, or deep neck flexors (longus capitus and colli) not pre-dispose athletes (in particular) to upper cervical and levator scap sprain / strain?
Here is one paper with multiple sites discussing imbalances if you have any interest. Also, texts by any of those authors will provide more than enough information on everything I previously expressed concern about.

First, I simply propose that crossfit give the students more for their $1000. 1 weekend isn't enough to learn anything. you clearly look like a military guy, would you trust a weeknds worth of training in anything enough to then go ahead and teach it to others. All I'm saying here is people should demand more for their money. One Thousand Dollars is alot of money and 1 weekend is a very short time.
As for the long haul, I would love to see someone step up and mandate licensure for trainers. Licensure would guarenteed the person coaching you had at least some baseline knowlege of the body other than squat = good and bicep curls are a waste of time. This would easily weed out uneducated trainers who for lack of a better term don't know rat sh** from a rice crispy. (Appologies for the poor attempt at comic relief). Licensure would also allow people who havent earned a bachelors degree in a related field to take "required" equivalent classroom time to meet the demands set by the licensing board. If this ever happened I'd be one of the first in line to spend the money and take the test.
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