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Re: why am i not losing weight!

Try cutting carbs to help kick you over into ketosis or something near it. Keep your protein blocks the same, but for every carb block you delete you replace it with 3 fat blocks. So if you're at 14 Zone blocks, you could adjust that to 14P/7C/35F or 14P/5C/41F or something like that. That looks like a lot of fat but your caloric intake will be essentially identical as a base Zone while the lower carb intakes will help you keep insulin under control, particularly if you fill up on mostly low-GI vegetables and fruits. Fat also tends to have more of a satiating effect than carbs, so you will probably feel less hungry.

Those adjustments fit the recommendations for weight loss on MDA's carb continuum post (WFS)--give that article a look sometime.

EDIT: Just saw your latest post--it's possible you're overworking yourself and keeping your cortisol levels high, which makes your body want to retain fat. Do a Google search on excess cardio, cortisol, and weight loss problems and see what you can find...I think MDA and ***b **** have written on that subject as well.
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