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Re: Navy Times Crossfit article


Thanks for the headsup. Its good that Crossfit is getting positive press. I'm not not a big fan of the PRT since Im not sure it says a whole lot about your fitness and the body composition stuff is a complete joke. I usually get measured at 21% bf or so via the "tape method". I'm know Im not at like 8% but 21% didn't seem particularly correct to me so I finally went to a personal trainer and had her measure my bf% with calipers. She measured me at 14%.

I think the real issue to figure out is how to get the average servicemember interested in Crossfit outside of making it the official command PT program. Most servicemembers that get interested in it were probably more interested in fitness to begin with. I will say that in my experience (at least in aviation) overall command PT results seem to correlate directly with the emphasis that the leadership places on it. Of course that is the case with most issues in a military unit.


That Capt you mentioned is a former commanding officer of mine. I live in Oak Harbor but have been gone the entire year except for 2 weeks of R&R. Depending on when I get done here, I should have a month of down time in Oak Harbor before we leave for the East coast. Do you have any one month membership plans?
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