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Re: Planet Fitness secures its spot at the top of CrossFit's s#!t-list

Originally Posted by Kevin Daigle View Post
If someone actually had the sack to stand in front of me and tell me I have to be quiet while trying to move heavy weights....I'd probably come to my senses moments later, realizing I know held their still beating heart in my hand.

This crap is all part of the continued pussification of the american male (and female for that matter.....thanks george carlin). God forbid anyone should feel "intimidated" at the gym of all places.

Lets analyze precisely what that means by the way. If you're "intimidated" you are made to feel inferior.....because SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF OR UNWILLING TO DO. That is a problem here today....why? Because NO ONE should ever feel one should be exposed to a situation where someone else has any bravado because it might make them "feel bad."

There is a SEVERE lack of sack left in the general population of this country.
When I read "pussification of the American male" I thought of George Carlin and then immediately had a strong surge of affection for you, Kevin. Preach on, my brother.

I also laughed out loud at the fact that the guy was quarter squatting "500lbs" on the Smith machine.
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