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Wow! Some great info here. Some of my other current stats:

Ht 6'1"
Fight Gone Bad 291
CFT 745
Front Squat 235
Michael 29:36

So not setting the world on fire.

I am definately hungry at breakfast and I eat it religiously. Usu. protein for that is the same, 4 large eggs + breakfast meat = approx 28 g protein + 10 g protein = 38 g. More or less the same amount of protein times four or five meals a day = 180-200 g

I eat several small meals throughout the day. I think some increased fat and smaller portions might help though.

Also, will try tabata/rowing interval stuff on top of WOD and will throw in a HIIT/HOC every now and then. This should give me a good baseline to judge from.

George, thanks for the list. I'm down with all of them except camping, the Marine Corps ruined it for me!

Thanks to all.

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