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Fish Oil Supplmentation vs Grass Fed Beef and Oily Fish

It seems everyone swears by fish oil supplementation to improve the ratios of Omegas in their diets but if you have a good diet is it really necasary?

I know i could do the maths, and i would if i wasnt so lazy, but i was wondering if someone already had and could save me the effort.

It seems that grass fed beef advocates claim the ratios of omegas are much closer to 1:1 as opposed to grain fed which are more like 20:1 in favour ot omega-6s.

I eat grass fed beef about 5 days a week, and grass fed venison and free range chicken and pork the other days. I also eat salmon steaks at least once a week and enjoy sardines and anchovies whenever i can sneak them into my meals without my girlfriend noticing....

Most of my non animal fats come from olive oil, macadamia (hawiian nut) oil and avacados....

Most fish oil advocates claim that you would need to eat way too much fish to get the required omega-3s to return to a more healthy ballance but perhaps this is based on the average persons bad diet?

My gut feel tells me im getting enough without fish oil supplementation...

My main reasons for wanting to avoid supplementation are..
1. I love eating and dont want to use up calories in capsules
2. It costs money which could be spent on better quality foods
3. Im wary of processed foods. Im a process engineer by trade and am inherantly distrustfull of industrialised food processing and quality control - ive met too many bad engineers.
4. Eating fish and meat provides protein, vitamins, minerals, joy and happiness that capsules do not.

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