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Originally Posted by Rebekah Kehm View Post

One thing people need to realize; being obese or overweight isn't 100% about getting off the couch and eating more vegetables. There is something rooted deeper than food. Being overweight is a just a side effect of some emotional issues. I know this message board is all about fitness and nutrition, but taking care of our emotional well-being is just as important.

See if you can help your girlfriend emotionally as well. Does she need any counseling? Does she need to talk to anyone? Is there anything you can do to support her emotionally?

I agree with this. "As Within, So Without."

My GF is the same way as the OP. She is overweight and talks about how she wants to lose weight, but does absolutely nothing about it. Nothing. She wont modify any part of her lifestyle, and it really saddens me.

In my opinion, all you can really do is invite her to come to crossfit/go for a bike ride/swim/walk/etc whenever you do, and if she says no, let it go. Only ask once each time. You can't make people change, they have to decide that they don't like where they are.

It's too much of a struggle to "convince" people. Once you convince them to get off the couch, then you have to convince them to go, then you have to convince them to lift the weight, and again, and again, then convince them to finish, then convince them to beat their times.

It's exhausting and not worth it because as soon as you stop convincing, they stop doing.

Which is why the 6 people I took to CrossFit have never come back.
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