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Re: girlfriend help

If you are truly wanting her to try it out without scaring her off, have her come in to the gym and have other females talk to her, show her an EASY beginning work out, and explain to her how much fun crossfit can be. If a guy came up to me and asked me to talk to his wife/girlfriend about crossfit, I would do it in a heartbeat! See if you can find a female who has dealt with weight issues that she can relate to.

I think if it is from a female perspective, she may not be as intimidated. I was completely intimidated until I just walked in. Once I was in the door, the rest was history. Ok, so I have only been doing crossfit a month, but it feels way longer than that! It also helped that 2 of the 3 crossfit coaches were females, so I felt like I could relate to them better.

Just ease her into it. Get her in the door. That always helps.

(A couple of the responses are a little bit rude, unsupportive, and a little unnecessary to be honest. We should be supporting each other and giving each other constructive advice and criticism, not berating each other and loved ones. We should be accepting everyone with open arms and showing them truly how badass crossfit is and how it can help everyone!)
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