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Re: girlfriend help

Originally Posted by Jay Curtis View Post
I'm living this thread right now.
My gf however, kinda likes going to the gym, and I've just got her into some SS style freeweights stuff.
I can see what everyone is saying about not coaching your own partner... it is a delicate dance some days, and also slows down my own workout which makes me grumpy.

Unfortunately, she went to the doctor the other day (for a general checkup), who told her she'd be better off doing cardio... Apparently all of my info isn't valid 'cause it comes from the internet! and of course a family doctor will have up to date knowledge on exercise physiology and theory...
"Yes Dear"

As long as I can convince her to keep up some strength work, I'll be happy.

Diet is the big issue though... as we live with her parents, and her mother has an almost compulsive urge to cook, and cook, and cook... and it all tastes sooo good!

Hearing other peoples stories is always helpful.


You tell her there are doctors, pre-med students on this forum?

Sigh. just frustrates me too.
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