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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Richard Vanmeerbeek View Post
Hi Scott !

Well first of all, you'll be surprised by the intensity of Kelly. Again, it looked cool on paper, but it smashed me today ! haha

I just did it now with 5 rounds of 400m (8 x 50m back and forth), 30 box jumps on a bench at least 60cm (a little higher than my knees), and 30 thrusters with a 20kg plate (try it, it's good, but it hurts ! haha).

===> 25'42"

Subbing the box jumps with burpees would make this WOD suicidal I think Scott. Just find any sort of support and jump on it, a little more jumps if it's too low.

Good luck !
Yes i think that would be a good idea, i will find something to jump on somewhere, have to use the treadmill though. Thanks for the heads up on this one Richard.
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