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Re: The Erin Experiment

Thanks so much for the tip, Steve and Kate.

I'll probably hit that up the next time I DL (which hopefully won't be for a while because my back is REALLY hurting).

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I blame it on my last rep.

I've used a mixed grip for lots of different exercises but for some reason, never thought to use it with a conv DL (I've used it when trying out pulling sumo). Always feels a lot more secure. I'll let you know how it goes next time.

And yeah, I do think I might just attempt filming myself at some point. I have the camera. Just need to scrounge up the guts to ask someone to film me. Form for the DL has ALWAYS annoyed me...since the first time I learned. Just never felt as natural as the squat I suppose. I feel like my upper body is always trying to pull more than my legs, or before my legs, or...something.
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