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Dave Young
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CrossFit Live returns with an all-new podcast: an interview with Mark Rippetoe. It is now available at

In the interest of cost and scheduling - yours, mine, and the guests' - I've decided to shorten the length of the program and make it an interview-only show (no call-ins). Not many of you were actually able to join the show live, and the switchboard was about the only cost the show incurred. Feel free to let me know if I mis-judged your interest in that call-in option.

Despite the loss of the call-in opportunity, I'd still very much appreciate your help with these interviews. Please watch the Community section of the message board for announcements about upcoming XFL guests, and send me your questions. You can e-mail or IM me (

If you want to hear more from Mark Rippetoe (and I think you will), he's agreed to come back for more. I'd like the next segment to be nothing but XFer's questions on strength training. If you want that to happen, flood my inbox with very specific questions for him and they'll get answered. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the greats in the community. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got.

I'm guessing that the name "crossfit live" will probably have to be retired since the show isn't live anymore, so I'd like your thoughts on a new name that connotes podcast for the crossfit community. Again, show me what you've got. Thanks.

Dave Y

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