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We have the Kettlebell Concept bells at our place and everyone likes them:

KB Concept Bells

1) Powder coated for a smooth finish - will need chalk sometimes
2) Cost is great compared to DD or others
3) 5lb increments for bells - this can be a Pro or Con depending on the person
4) Size and feel is top notch - no seam in handle

1) May wait to get them
2) If you really bang them together the powder coating may chip a little

1) Good discount for CrossFit community & Gill is a big supporter of CrossFit
2) Can drop them off a building and they will be pretty much the same

1) Handle is thicker than normal and depending on how much you care about the seam on the handle, it may be an issue

Take a look at the whole field: Agatsu & AKC as well, E-bay for Dragon Door bells

Regardless it will one of the coolest things in your garage!


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