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Re: A Bears Tale

Keep up the good work Scott.

Might have some heavy d balls again this year.. 120-150#. They keep on upping the weights. 2014 was 80# and 2015 was 100#.

Funny Craig E sent me a message that he was not going to compete because he had and injury that required surgery on a Friday. Then on Monday I read that he was going to compete injured or not. Kind of ruined my weekend with stress checking the email for the invite. I am glad that it was me who has been before. I could not have imagined someone going for the first time then finding out that they guy changed his mind. I am sure he owes me some sort of amends. But I have a feeling that next year if its a foot race I will chase him down unlike the other side of the pond smoker who missed out on the win.. lol.

I would be surprised if HSPU or HS Walks were not in it. The big fellas got lucky when no hspu in last years games. Was kind of sad to see them go.. my wheelhouse.

AA Bike might rear its ugly head.

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