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Re: Redefining the relationship between Power and Intensity

Article on Intensity vs Effort

This is why I have an issue with the term "High Intensity Training", what we're really trying to achieve is High Neuroendocrine Response, which tends to be best achieved thru maximal effort over short time, shocking the body into a greater neuroendocrine response.

Its Maximal Force in a short period of time = Power while using maximal effort. So what we do is High Power Max Effort Training?

The reality is once we get to Power, any other term after this, Intensity, Effort, Volume, Training Resource, are at best using physics terms ina derivative fashion.

Another issue is the term Max Effort Training, which discusses lifting at 90% or more of your 1RM. so 1-3 RM. This is an incorrect use of the term Effort. Similar to how Power lifting isnt about speed, which differentiates Power from Force.

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