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Re: Macros consumption question.

Originally Posted by John L. Mclaughlin View Post
Why do some of you guys eat such low levels of carbs?!
There are theories out there that carbs cause insulin sensitivity which causes fat gain, so some people take it to the max and try to drop out all, or as many carbs as possible in order to get to a ketogenic state in which the body begins using fat as the primary source of energy. FWIW, I do not subscribe to this diet and as such I'm probably way oversimplifying it.

But still, when i did calculate my macros( I don't any more) i was clocking around 280+ carbs a day. However, I do workout for 2+ hours a day, almost everyday(except sudnay) doing WODs and then olympic lifting.
This could be an entirely new discussion, especially given you've said in other threads that you are 6'4" 175#. I won't go there here though.
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