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Macros consumption question.

Hey everyone.

So it was suggested to me by the Zone calculator to do 19 blocks

171 g carbs

133 g proteins

57 g fats

I am currently 187# 22%BF according to my weight scale. I train about 9-11 hours per week doing 2 weightlifting sessions a week and the rest is all wrestling and grappling.

I must maintain a weight of about 170 pounds (give or take 5 pounds) but I hope to reduce body fat to 12-15 %

I am not going totally out of my way to "stay in the zone" but I will try to consistently stay within my Macros. Do you suggest i cut down on carbs on rest days and days where I am not training much or should i aim consistently for that amount of carbs each and every day?

Also, what are good sources of carbs asides from the vegetables which i usually consume in abundance.
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