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Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia View Post
Who cares what your LBM will end up at? Don't worry about that stuff. Just get as lean as you can while being happy.
Oh, but you know me Arturo - I just gotta play with those numbers.

It's my own odd little way of maintaining motivation and discipline. It's not for everyone, but for me it works well.

My recent Reasonable Projected LBM Gains post also provides a bit of psychological self-comfort. Parts of my upper torso have really leaned out. My arms, neck, and shoulders are almost scrawny, as you have noticed from my measurements. The tendons around my neck and upper back stand out in relief, as do the bones in my clavicle and shoulders. So it is nice to know that someday I'll be filling in all that kinda-skeletal void with some muscle.

Remember, Arturo - I have been very fat virtually all of my life. Seeing myself actually leaned out in some areas is quite the shock.

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia View Post
Trust me, even without working out in "bodybuilding fashion" you still have quite a bit of room for muscle gain. Your strength numbers and your arm size (since you post these metrics often) give it away, you're still closer to novice than intermediate, I think. So you''ll gain some mass once you set out to do so, even if the goal isn't bodybuilding!
I completely agree that I still qualify as a novice lifter, despite doing some progressive lifting over the past almost two years. The purpose of that lifting was to slow down LBM loss rates and provoke beneficial fat-burning hormonal responses. This is very different from resistance training intended to build strength, power, endurance, mass, etc. Given this non-standard and intermittant lifting regimen, I think I qualify as novice lifter when it comes to more conventional strength training.

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia View Post
I see almost 200# lost.... that is awesome!! So keep it up. I check this every few days but don't always post a reply. But still checking on ya.
As of yesterday and today, my Bodyweight is 230.6, which represents 195.0 pounds lost. So yes, getting closer to the big 200!

While I have dropped a lot of weight very quickly this past week, my loss rates in the immediate future are going to slow up. While I am holding protein and carb intake levels steady, I am bumping up the fat which will slow my fat loss rates slightly. I have wrung out about all the water loss I can, so the loss rates should be steady from here on out. Steady-state ketosis is going to cause the further weight loss. Happily, this also means real fat loss, not just water and fat loss. (And yeah, a bit of muscle too. )
Grinding off the fat one day at a time, one pound at a time - PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey (WFS)
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