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Re: Are handstand push ups a good sub for the press?

-- if mobility is an issue, you should be doing more. Dynamic stretching like swinging your arms (controlably) all different ways before a workout is good. I always stretch out using bands after workouts - Daily!

-- HSPU are decent sub, yes. I feel they promote a lil more body awareness, meaning staying tight in your core, will transfer over to a tighter body when pressing a barbell. Even if you are using 10 abmats (exageration), just being upside down is a good strengthening tool.

-- BUT, you will not develope the strength in the range from "shoulder to top of head". This would require you doing hspu's on paralletes, if you want the hspu to transfer over to shoulder pressing. Saying it another way, hspu's to the top of your head will not train the lower portion of a barbell press. Similarly, always doing PUSH presses never really helped my strict press cause the legs allow you to clear that difficult lower range.

Just do both, unless there is pain somewhere?
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