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Re: Are handstand push ups a good sub for the press?

What happened to you ?
Perhaps get a second opinion ?
I don't know what ales (?) you, but I've heard people say this stuff before and they've sourced second opinions and literally get, a different opinion.
I also know of people who have been rehabbed by going sensibly overhead - like perhaps russian KBS and a regime of mobility and small assistance work (like small band shoulder rotations, scapular push-ups etc).
I bet that Jeff Martone guy was probably told not to go overhead too .. bamm.

As for HSPU - I have an old separated shoulder injury which flares up from time to time (basically reaching across in front of me is painful/restricted and it hurts right where the collar bone meets the shoulder). When it does, I can press, snatch and heavy KBS etc no problem, I can also hold a handstand no problem. But if I try to to a HSPU - that's when the shoulder hurts. To me, there is way more pressure and far more things that can go wrong with "overhead" when doing a HSPU than with a press. Ring Dips will also be a struggle.

So if it were me - I'd seek a second opinion just to be sure and really work on a rehab/mobility program (provided by someone you can work with rather than ad-hoc youtube vids) before trying too much. Even if you feel great .... that may simply mean there is no pain ... but you may not have any strength there to stabilize that joint and will just furg it up again.
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