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Re: emily's workout log

well in this case it was from a bag. but i've eaten the whole plant before too.


coffee w cream

103.5 broad jump
back squat
20 rep back squat at 175
this was really hard. i wonder what 185 would have felt like (that would have been 80%)
i also remember when 175 was my max. so thats kind of nice.
awful metcon:
100 back squats (at 75% of your 20 rep max - i used 133)
at the beginning of every minute do 5 burpees.
10 minute cap
i got 28. pretty bad. the clean felt ridiculously heavy. 2 rounds i skipped b.c by the time i cleaned it up erin was yelling burpees.

2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, burnt collard greens, sweet potato

beef stew and rice

mango, cashews, some cheese

quick trail run. maybe 2ish miles, decent pace, was def breathing heavy when we finished. then a small amount of hand stand walking practice.

some chicken breast in a wierd sauce made with wine, green beens and a potoato
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