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Re: emily's workout log

my dates are off somehow. yesterday should have been 9/27 i lost my rest day which was 9/26. don't remember what i ate, pretty sure i did not bike.

slept a million hours last night and it was wonderfull
coffee w cream

chipped steak, 2 eggs, sweet potato, greens
4 pieces bacon
coffee w cream

bike ~4.5mi

broad jump 104.5Ē
MU work. this was awful today.
1,fail,1,1,fail,1,fail,fail, fail and stopped trying b.c cleary it was not coming back today
10 rounds
3 95lb snatches ( i did squat snatches this time)
15 wallballs
i think 11 minutes should be my goal but that seems pretty far off. i did all my sets unbroken with the exception of one wallball that didnít hit the wall but i caught it and kept going so its kind of like unbroken + 1. and i failed the first snatch in like round 2 which is just dumb. too much rest b.w things tho i think.

bike ~3.5 mi

ground beef and butternut squash

rice w tomatoe and cucumber

lamb and arrugula

bike ~2.5 mi

bike ~4.5 mi

shredded chicken, kale
glass whole milk
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