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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - Crossfit Challenge #2 and #6

#2. Do 21 consecutive "thrusters" (deep front sqauat to push-press) with dumbbells totaling 1/2 your body weight.
#6. Row 500 meters THEN perform a set of 20 STRICT pull-ups both within 4 minutes.

Anthony (BW=180)
Biked 5 minutes @ 20kmh, hangs, bw squats, etc to loosen up.

#6. Row 500 meters and 20 strict pullups (dead hang)
Time: 3:41 (not sure if it will be accepted as my pullups were broken)

#2. Thrusters with 90lbs (45/45) x 12
#2. Thrusters with 90lbs (45/45) x 14
Both attempts failed due to left dumbbell falling forward.

This was an easy paced day. The row and chinups were done casually. I could probably do this around 2:45-3:00 if I rowed harder. The thrusters surprised me. My strength was fine, my stamina was fine, but for some reason the left dumbbell want to turn forward and once it started I couldn't stop it. Annoyed me, but not a huge deal.
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