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Hello everyone. I haven't really went heavy on snatch ever, but after watching the Big Sky video with my training partners, we decided to give it a go. Typically when we do snatch, we have always done smaller loads, 65-110# depending on the workout. I had 3RM at 135# a few months back, but that was as heavy as I had ever gone.

I know my form is quite bad with heavier loads, but I would just like some pointers. We live 2 hours from the nearest box. I have been following the main site and for about 13 months now.

All videos WFS

Here is me with 165#:

And here is me at 175# (I dont know what the heck was up with the little hop? I just did it instinctively, I was weirded out by it for a while hah!):

I hadn't planned on posting these for coaching until today. So the camera angle is less than ideal. Thank you in advance for your help and tips!

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