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Re: emily's workout log

YAY - rock climbing!!

coffee w cream
tuna and maynoaise
coffee w cream
front squat to a peak ? of 1.
1X66,75,81,85,88-felt nearly impossible, 85.
oh man. these were slow and hard. sigh.
floor press
500m row
40 Hand Release Pushups
30 SA OH Lunges (1 pood)
20 Power Clean
30 HR Pushups
20 SA OH Lunges
10 Power Cleans
500m row

meh. 14:56. the hand release pushups were way slower then they should have been and i ended up doing something like 10-15 and then down to sets of 3 or 2. the OH lunges are also very hard to keep stable esp with my right (strong!) arm. did them in sets of 5.

leftover coffee w cream
5 or 6 pieces bacon, hamburger, 2 eggs, brussel sprouts

chicken, brocoli, sweet potato, a container of blueberries

chuck roast, brocoli
this was anohter dismal showing. i was hoping it would go better then the morning squat session but as bobweir says “hope is not a strategy!” i need to push thru a little better
1X54 fail, 54, 56 fail three times. back to 50, failed once, then got it. i feel like we were making good progress here, but none of that was evident today. erin says to keep practicing working on landing in the deepest squat i can. so i guess ill try that instead of riding it down after.
clean and jerk
2X50, 57,64
1X70,75,80 - failed first clean - not tight at bottom
80, failed the jerk
80 failed the jerk.

glass of whole milk, thing of rasberries.
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