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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Brian Thurmond View Post
I met Coach on a Wednesday morning at a small seminar in Coronado. The seminar was mostly for military folks. I think that Coach had been told that some higher ranking folks would be present, but when they didn't show he gave us the seminar anyway. He did not outwardly demonstrate that he was in anyway frustrated by those people not coming. Instead, he treated each and everyone of us lower ranking folks like we were the only ones he was interested in speaking to. I was immediately impressed by Coach and what he had to say. I drank up every last word. This man, who had been dismissed by the leadership, had not dismissed us. I always wanted to personally thank Coach for that. I know to him it was a very minor thing, but to me, it was impressive. Coach invited all 12-14 of us Sailors and Marines to the weekend seminar going on at one of two affiliates in San Diego at the time. Coach did not charge any of us to go to this seminar, we were his guest. Seminar prices are the same today as they were back then. I thought to myself that Coach was a hell of a guy, but a poor businessman. I thought this for one instant before I heard Coach speak on excellence. Coach spoke on chasing excellence as opposed to chasing the dollar. This is something that I had never fully tried to understand or embody until Coach spoke of it.
Coach, through CrossFit, I struggle with excellence on a day to day basis. Some days are more excellent than others. I am constantly reminded that it is a noble endeavor to pursue excellence in everything that I do. I am a humble affiliate. We train out of our garage, and our home's backyard. I say "our" because it is my groups home too.
Coach is CrossFit. My group and I are 100% CrossFit...a humble part of it. 50% of anything else and you can subtract the letters CrossF, and add sh to the front of it.
Coach, you have my support in whatever form that may take.
I like that.
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