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Just another newb hopeing for some advice from all u experts at this crossfit stuff.
I'm wondering how many calories i should aim to consume? I've been crossfitting for 5 weeks (prior that i've always been very active with weights, running, boxing etc). I train at my box 5-6 days a week.

*I'm male, 28 years old, 6 foot 1, 80kg (176lb). approx 13-15%body fat.
*i'm slim but have a loose tummy that refuses to let go of the fat (i used to be very overweight as a teen). Some of the reason is stretched skin. Without beening assessed by some1 with knowledge i'd say i've got some ectomorph traits going on. my wrist measures a small 6.5 inches.
*My strength is ****. eg. back squat 85kg.
*my goals are to become stronger and basicly improve all round performace. would love to gain some muscle size too. I'm hoping to do this without gaining heaps of fat along the way.

Our sessions at the box usually include 2 lifting movements (oly, or standard strength) done 3-5sets around 3-5reps (or sometimes 2 bodyweight exercises done as superset for max reps). Then a WOD (could be anything from "fran" to whatever is made up for the day). Then finished with "core" work (ie, GHD, or situps, twists etc), or maybe something like an all out 500mtr row. Of course it's not strictly set up like that but thats a pretty good idea.

I'm currently consuming around 3000cals per day (regardless of if i train or not). the overall split of calories is around 40%Carbs, 30%protein, 30%fat. i eat clean with protein coming from leans meats, egg white, protein powder etc. Carbs from whole oats, long grain brown rice, fruit, veg etc (i ensure all carbs are low GI), fats from flaxseed oil, olive oil, fish oil caps etc.
I'm thinking of bumping up to 3250cals for a few weeks she how that goes? But any advice would be awesome!!! i'm guessing my calorie consumption so those who know their stuff i'd love to hear from you!!

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