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Re: Helen Wheels

Help Please!!!!!
I feel like such a wimp after looking at what other women my age & size are doing.

When I did the CFT the most i could back squat was 45lbs. When I tried 55lbs i couldn't get low enough and my back felt like it started to buckle. I had someone watching me with the 55lbs and said that the tops of my thighs were barely parallell. (sp?)

Today i did Back Squats 5x5 and after warm-up used 35 lbs -- i was doing this at home with no squat rack, no spotter and can't dump the weights so i didn't want to risk going any heavier. Later I walked 9 holes of golf (2 1/2 miles) and I was exhausted.

I can already tell i'll be sore tomorrow -- my butt is very fatiqued.

Am i just a wimp? Any suggestions?
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