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I will share with you what I've learned from 3 Okinawan Karate Masters during the 60's and 70's. I have continued to practice what they taught me. To the karate Masters, sickness was weakness. You can never display weakness. Therefor, when a Master 'feels' an illness coming on, Master would work harder that day, beginning upon wakening and feeling the symptoms of a cold or any ailment. They would train harder and sweat and eliminate the sickness from the body and mind.During 31/2 years on Okinawa, I never witnessed Sensei being ill. Upon return to the US, I trained under another Master. In 12 years I never witnessed him being ill.
In this society, when we feel a cold or sickness coming on, we normally 'show weakness' right away by declaring it to everyone."I feel like crap". We declare it to everyone as the day progresses and we feel worse and worse. It is referred to as psycho-soma. It was impossible for the Asian Masters to display such weakness. It was an open display of vulnerability. When I feel a cold or virus, I will immediately practice Kata and train on a heavy bag and increase my training for the day. I am unable to remember my last cold or virus. I train when I feel the symptoms of the commom cold or virus.If I were to feel a more severe symptom, I would seek medical aid, but I would always 'keep it to myself'. (can't display weakness) That is what I learned and what I practice.
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