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Re: Tim's Life Changing Workout Log

Well after taking yesterday off (and playing 18 holes yesterday) I came in this morning and was happy to see today's workout.

Warm up

2 rounds

10 KB Taters (35 lbs.) = Kettlebell swing and then catch the kettlebell upside down and go into a squat
200 meter run
10 AB mat situps
1 wall walk (pushup position then back up against the wall and walk all the way up.)


Deadlifts (225)

I've always been terrible at deadlifts, I can literally do just the 45 lbs bar and be sore, so I went light (95 lbs.) and worked with Ryan on my form. I have a tendency to push the bar away from me as I go down so I worked on touching my shins with the bar throughout the movement and that helped alot. Theo ther reason I was happy with this workout was because I have never done a HSPU in my life! I've never even attempted it. I was actually nervous to jump up there and I did a few but you could tell doing 21-15-9 was not going to work. I modified the movement to a pushup followed by kicking my legs up and against the wall then back down to another pushup. That worked my shoulders pretty hard so that was nice. I'm excited to be back tomorrow!
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