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Re: Warm up Advice

Originally Posted by Noble Batson View Post
I will be at Camp Bastion; I have been told by those out there that there are a few good gyms on the base as well as my shop has started to acquire their own equipment. So my hopes are high, the only thing that I am worried that they will not have is the rowers and rings but I will have my wife send me out some if need be.

The warm up is def different then any one that I have done before. Looks like it will work well though and gets all parts of your body moving at once, I am figuring that I can use a 30lb ammo can while I am out there in the place of the kettle bell if need be as well so there should not be any problems there.
You're in luck then! Camp Leatherneck has a full CF facility. I was deployed there last year and they have everything you need for WODs and they program their own with 3 group sessions a day. Of course, the staff rotates so I'm not 100% on the quality nowadays. Look them up on facebook and leave a message; you can also see their WODs online.

FYI, the main gym also has a few rowers also

you'll probably want to bring your own jump rope as they get worn really quick and are generally crap.

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