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Ben Cully
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Am I in "The Zone" Korny I know!

I am recoverying from a ACL replacement so I have been off CrossFit and doing alot of Globo gym machines and stationary bike. I am 200 lbs, 69", 7 1/4 wrist, and 26" across the bellybutton. I figured that at 17%. I am getting 18 blocks figuring I would out 5 to 6 times a week, typical lifts with 20 to 40 min of cardio afterwards 140bpm or so. Does this sound correct. I am using paleo foods and a post workout protein meal packet after my workout. One calculator says I should be at 22 blocks and two other at 17 to 18.... thats a big range. I am of course wanting to lean down and keep myself near the 200 lb mark. Should I keep with the 18 blocks of protein, carbs and fat? I know how to judge the fat with my energy but what do I need to look for with adjusting the proteins and carbs..? I know this is alot but I greatly appreciate whatever advice is offered up. Ben
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