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Re: New Female looking for serious help!

Originally Posted by Meagan McLean View Post
I was referred to this site after I mentioned on that I want to build a crazy body (more specifically I mentioned something about Demi Moore in GI JANE).

I was told that this type of exercise is intense and will help me get where I want.
I guess the reason I am posting this is because I am pretty ignorant when it comes to how it all works.. the WOD are pretty intense and even though I have been training for a while, I dont think i could jump right into that.
So i will tell you readers a bit about myself and hope that I get some good tips...

First, My name is Meagan, hi.
I am 23 years old from Ontario Canada.
I am 5'8.5 inches tall.
When I started training I was about 170 lbs. held it all in my gut.
After 1.5 years of training and changing my diet I have dropped down to 140-145 lbs (depending on the day).
I cannt afford a personal trainer, so I do a lot of reading and research to get the results i have gotten. I am proud of myself, but not done. I want more.

I try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Each one consisting of a protein and a carb. ex, breakfast is oats w/protein powder mixed in. post workout is egg whites on 1 piece of all grain toast. I eat probably about 1400 cals a day and its all pretty good for the most part. 1 cheat meal a week.

I guess what i want to know is where should i begin?? When i goto the gym tmr morning what should i do? i feel like my work outs up to now are not important and I just want to start fresh and work my *** off so that I am strong, and feel good about myself.

thanks in advance..
Welcome to the boards, awesome to see so many new people getting a taste of the koool-aid.

I'm sure that it's been suggested already, but read the FAQ first, some of the free journal entires, participate in the forum, look at the exercise videos if you don't know how to do something and most importantly, SCALE the WOD's untill you can do them as RX'd.

Oh also, SCALE, SCALE, SCALE! BrandX's forums each day break down each WOD into several tiers of dificulty so it's not really hard to find out where you fit and start there.

Good luck!
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