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Re: New Female looking for serious help!

I totally agree with Tirzah. I haven't been doing CF long but I started by doing the BrandX scaled versions of the main page workout. I still use these actually because sometimes I'm not quite up to doing the main site workouts as rx'd. Then just read as much as you can about nutrition on the site. Many incorporate the "Zone", Paleo, and Intermittent Fasting into their diets. Read about them and see what might work for you. I'm still learning myself and having a great time doing it. You will definitely see results if you apply yourslf to CF.

And, Like Nick suggested, if you feel the need for more cardiovascular work Crossfit Endurance is great. But, give yourself some time doing just the WOD's and see how you feel. You'll probably be more tired than you expect to be.
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