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New Female looking for serious help!

I was referred to this site after I mentioned on that I want to build a crazy body (more specifically I mentioned something about Demi Moore in GI JANE).

I was told that this type of exercise is intense and will help me get where I want.
I guess the reason I am posting this is because I am pretty ignorant when it comes to how it all works.. the WOD are pretty intense and even though I have been training for a while, I dont think i could jump right into that.
So i will tell you readers a bit about myself and hope that I get some good tips...

First, My name is Meagan, hi.
I am 23 years old from Ontario Canada.
I am 5'8.5 inches tall.
When I started training I was about 170 lbs. held it all in my gut.
After 1.5 years of training and changing my diet I have dropped down to 140-145 lbs (depending on the day).
I cannt afford a personal trainer, so I do a lot of reading and research to get the results i have gotten. I am proud of myself, but not done. I want more.

I try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Each one consisting of a protein and a carb. ex, breakfast is oats w/protein powder mixed in. post workout is egg whites on 1 piece of all grain toast. I eat probably about 1400 cals a day and its all pretty good for the most part. 1 cheat meal a week.

I guess what i want to know is where should i begin?? When i goto the gym tmr morning what should i do? i feel like my work outs up to now are not important and I just want to start fresh and work my *** off so that I am strong, and feel good about myself.

thanks in advance..
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