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Been doing X-fit for about2 years mixed with submission Grappling. I can't say enough good things about x-fit, it's members and founders!!
I'm always asked how I train and I direct them all to x-fit.

Now I am requesting your valuable assistance. I sustained a right shoulder injury at Grapplers Quest last weekend and have limited ROM ( head height) and some strength loss. Got MRI on Thur but wont get reaults until tomorrow. I'm bummed ouy because I had just bought power rings and video used them a few times, loved them and set some goals. This injury will setback not only my Jiu Jitsu , but X-fit assss well. I had peaked for Quest and was in good shape with 8-9% bodyfat, I can't let it slide to much.

Most x-fit workouts combine upper and lower body which I like, but can't use much upper body for now. Can anybody give me some ideas for WOD's with mostly legs and maybe light uper body. I can't do push ups but can hold the up position.

Friday,I tried Tabata Squats and used a light band around table leg and on the upward movement of the sqt I would row. It felt like a decent movemnt.
Yesterday I went on 30 minute Interval run. Any ideas will be appreciated and I will post the MRI results tomorrow. Apologies for being long winded.

P.S. I'm also going to Physical Therapy a few times just to get some ideas then I will do it on my own.
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