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Re: Shoulder flexability after surgery

Originally Posted by Jack Sampson View Post
I'm 48 years old and had shoulder surgery about a year and a half ago. Before surgery, I was pretty active in the gym but my right shoulder was nagging me. I injured it many time in the past 20+ years and finally decided to have it "fixed".
I had 2 tears, tendonitis and the bone shaved down. The doc said it was time. Well, I recovered ok. Progressed through rehab and then started back training slowly working around the injury. I slowly started to do more and more but still cannot do heavy back squats. Anything over say 95 lbs puts too much pressure or tension on my stiff shoulder. I've been doing every stretching exercise I can find online but nothing is loosening up my shoulder. I don't have the flexibility. Anybody have suggestions on how to loosen up my shoulder?

I know where you're coming from, Jack. I am 47 and nearly one year post-op from rotator cuff repair. I, too, began back slowly and wanted to get back to squatting. Back squats were causing the same issues that you described. After a little research, I found that front squats were more beneficial and caused little to no pressure.

I followed all of my rehab protocols but was ot regaining flexibility nor ROM.

I stumbled across SmashweRX on YouTube and began following some of Trevor's protocols. He has tons of videos that helped. Needless to say, my ROM has increased and I'm back to squatting and deadlifting!! Still working overhead movements, but that will return with time.

Hopefully, you can find some success with SmashweRx (WSF)
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