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Phil Washlow
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Snapping hip/back and LBP especially during TTB

I have had bouts of low back/hip pain for many years and have never completely figured out what is going on. Recently I discovered some more details and am wondering if anyone has noticed this on themselves or knows what is going on.

When I do a TTB I can comfortable touch my toes to the bar but when my feet/legs come down and behind me I always get a little snapping sensation in my left hip about 1 in above and towards my midline from ASIS/bony landmark on my pelvis. I notice the same sensation when I lay on my back with hips and knees at 90 degrees (dead bug) then try to bring my leg or legs to the ground like doing a dying bug. I get a similar sensation when rowing on occasion as well.

Hoping someone has some insight, thanks.
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